Thrillify: Fashion Designer (E-book only)
Thrillify: Fashion Designer (E-book only)

Thrillify: Fashion Designer (E-book only)

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You are a world class fashion designer, sought after by fashion shows and celebrities from all around the world. It’s not easy staying at the top of your game however – one mistake and you could fall from the top of the fashion world. It’s critical that you get all the key elements of being a successful fashion designer right.

Format: 12 page downloadable .PDF file (check out the image for an overview of the pages).

Contents: Tutorial, worksheet and worked solution.

Topics covered:

  • Math Scenario 1 – Metres of Fabric
  • Math Scenario 2 – Runway Traffic
  • Math Scenario 3 – Economies of Scale
  • Math Scenario 4 – Expanding your Designer Team
  • Math Scenario 5 – Optimising Production Processes
  • Real Life Example – Complex Fabric Patterns

    Curriculum Codes: ACMMG197 | ACMMG108 | ACMMG109 | ACMNA173 | ACMNA267 | ACMNA239