Maths in Fiction Textbook

Maths in Fiction Textbook

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We are excited to offer the bigger and better 4th generation of the Maths in Fiction textbook package, continually improved through 3 years of helpful feedback from students and teachers.

This 600+ page fully illustrated textbook includes 3 sections:

Young Adult Novel "Code Bravo" Embedded Inside the Textbook, with 26 Key Mathematical Scenarios and Accompanying Tutorials / Worksheets / Solutions

  • The young adult maths thriller Code Bravo,
  • 26 tutorials + worksheets + worked solutions included after the relevant chapters covering the mathematical concepts contained in the story, covering scenarios including Sales Discount Trickery, Door Codes and Cryptography, Car Crash Investigation, Mobile Phone Triangulation, Investment Bots, Exploding Laptop Batteries, Cracking the Code, Earthquake Tremors, Medication Dosages, Search Grid, Vectoring and many more. 

Maths in the Movies

  • 12 tutorials, worksheets and worked solutions covering famous movies including Speed, The Hunger Games, Top Gun, The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, Furious 7, The Great Escape, Jurassic Park, Logan, Sahara, The Perfect Storm and Sully.

Thrillify Scenarios

  • 13 exciting and interesting math-filled scenarios including Stunt Person, Fashion Designer, Architect for Millionaires, Base Jumping, Luxury Car Dealer, Firefighter, Hazardous Materials Expert, Social Media Star, Racing Car Driver, Runaway Plane, Self-driving Cars, Space Rescue Mission and Speed Record Setter.
  • Each scenario is accompanied by a tutorial, worksheet and worked solution. 

Age range: 12 and upwards

Novel Contents: The novel itself contains contents, themes, action and some violence that is consistent with mass market young adult books like The Hunger Games, the Artemis Fowl series and Alex Rider series.

All content is presented to the standard or better of contemporary fiction: children never kill anyone (unlike in The Hunger Games), action scenes and associated violence is presented where possible in terms of the emotional reactions of the characters and less so as explicit violence.

Teaching Content: All the teaching content (tutorials, worksheets and worked solutions) is explicitly made to be educationally suitable. 

The majority of teaching material refers directly to the events in the novel, but a number of tutorials use conceptually appropriate substitutions. Two substitution examples are:

  • in the novel, the teenage protagonists (the heroes of the story) program and deploy a computer bot that earns money gambling online in order to pay an informant for life saving information: in the teaching materials, we remove the gambling reference by replacing it with an investment scenario, and
  • in the novel, there is an adult-only shoot out between the villains and the police involving speed of sound mathematics: in the teaching materials we completely replace this scenario with running race starter gun and thunderstorm examples.

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