STEM Storybook
STEM Storybook
STEM Storybook
STEM Storybook
STEM Storybook
STEM Storybook
STEM Storybook

STEM Storybook

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The STEM Storybook comes as a single all-inclusive 230 page full colour paperback, hardcover, or e-book containing twelve stories. Each story contains vividly illustrated pages filled with STEM concepts.

There is also a parent and teacher guide at the end of the book.

The stories and topics included are:

Story Title


STEM Concepts

The Three Billy Goats Gruff 

Three goats take on a nasty troll

relative sizes, geometric sequences

Pirate Treasure

Two friends search an island for precious treasure

counting and addition

What Should We Do?

A group of animals works out how to find water

statistical significance & surveying

How Does It Speed Up?

Rachel plays with friends dropping balls, racing cars

rates of change, acceleration, constant speed

Dimensional Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have problems fitting into modern life

size, width, height, length

Critters Eat Cake

Monsters come out of hiding to eat human food


The Gold Nugget

Construction workers struggle to move a massive gold nugget

weight, strength

Isabel Entrepreneur

Isabel earns her way to a birthday present

finance, subtraction, addition

Faster Faster

Animals, people, vehicles & aircraft race

speed, distance, speed units

Cooking Catastrophe

Ralph and Jessica save the day at a restaurant

volumes, weights, multiplication, ratios

What Are The Chances?

How likely are common and rare everyday events?


Robot Revolution 

Robert the robot takes us on a fun tour of robots