Thrillify: Firefighter (E-book only)
Thrillify: Firefighter (E-book only)

Thrillify: Firefighter (E-book only)

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You are the new rookie firefighter in a large town and you’re just about to be tested by the worst week in history. You’ll have to use your wits to get through a range of incredible challenges, save as many people as you can and come through safely yourself as well. Ready? Let’s go.

Format: 8 page downloadable .PDF file (check out the image for an overview of the pages).

Contents: Tutorial, worksheet and worked solution.

Topics covered:

  • Math Scenario 1: Apartment Block Fire
  • Math Scenario 2: Rural Blaze
  • Math Scenario 3: Freak Tornado
  • Real Life Example – Emergency Workers at 9/11

    Curriculum Codes: ACMNA188 | ACMEM015 | ACMEM017 | ACMEM086