Thrillify: Stunt Person (E-book only)
Thrillify: Stunt Person (E-book only)

Thrillify: Stunt Person (E-book only)

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You’ve just graduated from stunt school and are starting your first year on the Hollywood blockbuster movie circuit as a stuntperson. During training you’ve been warned that doing stunts is a risky career and that you should prepare for the possibility of regular, sometimes career ending accidents.

You’re going to have to manage your level of risk and set yourself up to have other options at the end of your career.

Format: 9 page downloadable .PDF file (check out the image for an overview of the pages).

Contents: Tutorial, worksheet and worked solution.

Topics covered:

  • Math Scenario 1: Workload
  • Math Scenario 2: Person on Fire
  • Math Scenario 3: Body Doubles
  • Real Life Example – The Stunt Industry

    Curriculum Codes: ACMNA265 | ACMMG222 | ACMEM086 | ACMNA239